White Lilac B&B - Via Verbano 70 - 28041 Arona - Lago Maggiore - Italia

white lilac B&B, a natural and eco friendly choice:
hemp and clay

When we renovated White Lilac B&B we set out to make it as eco-friendly as possible, not only through the use of modern energy saving technologies but,  just as importantly, by resorting to age-old natural building materials which provide a wide range of health benefits.


In order to further improve insulation and ensure healthy rooms in White Lilac B&B for our guests, we then installed 2 cm thick clay panels on all the walls. Clay plaster containing natural pigments was then laid on top. Just like hemp, clay’s beneficial properties include the regulation of temperature and humidity. As it is breathable, clay can absorb sudden influxes of condensation when humidity levels are high. Moisture is then released back into the atmosphere as the air dries out. This means that even on sultry summer nights, humidity levels inside the house are quite pleasant. Clay-walled rooms improve the quality of indoor air and discourage the formation of dust. This creates a healthy environment which is ideal for allergy sufferers. 


For insulating White Lilac B&B, we chose sheets of compressed hemp. Hemp is an ideal natural insulator because it is biodegradable and is able to regulate thermal performance and retain its structural rigidity. It also makes a great “moisture buffer” as it can absorb and hold moisture vapour before allowing it to evaporate at a slower rate. Every interior wall is lined with sheets of hemp.